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Do you consider yourself a homebody? What does that mean for you? I hope by the end of this post, if you are not a homebody, you will want to be one.:)

This morning I was telling my husband that outside of being able to be a wife and mother, one of my greatest blessings is that I am able to work from home on my own time. I truly LOVE it, but I do not always enjoy it or have a good attitude about all of the responsibilities.

Sometimes juggling everything that needs to be done can be draining plus having a vision for your relationships and future. Although, when my home runs smoothly, it’s such a sweet gift to my family. I can definitely say without a doubt that I am a major homebody, and my love for home deepens each year.

This blog post is centered completely around the topic of being a homebody and what that means.


I always notice when simple routines are followed and my house is in order, the spirit of my children is so much better.

There’s a peace that I cannot explain that comes from a home that’s filled with the love of Jesus. Home is a place to breathe the life back into your family that the world will drain from them. In a thirsty, dissatisfied world, home says, “You are enough, and you belong here.”

In a thirsty, dissatisfied world, home says, “You are enough, and you belong here.”

Jackie Marie Carr

Home is also a place where you can explore almost any and every creative outlet imaginable. There are so many things I do today that I didn’t necessarily go to college for, but was able to learn from home.

An interesting thought about home is that you learn very quickly when your priorities are not aligned properly. I want home to be a place that gives my family a little picture of Heaven on earth.

Being a homebody and what that looks like is different for everyone.

I love gleaning inspiration from people, blogs, Pinterest, but ultimately we each will answer to God for our home.

The number one thing I want found in my home is unconditional love.

Does my family know they are loved? Am I more concerned about outward appearances or serving my home with how that looks for the needs of my family? One of my favorite Bible verses that I live by is Proverbs 31:27, “She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.”

Many times we can fall into traps of comparison in our homes, but the question to ask yourself comes from this verse. Am I looking well to the ways of MY household?

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Proverbs 31 lists many duties that the virtuous woman accomplished, but instead of always guilting ourselves for the things we do not do, stop at this verse. Yes, there’s many things we can learn and do, but first is it meeting the needs of our family? If it’s cheaper, less time consuming, and better quality to buy my clothes than sew them myself, why wouldn’t I want to make a better time investment for my family elsewhere?

I think sometimes we can miss the whole point of this chapter. The virtuous woman was simply working to meet the needs of her household.

I hope we can set aside a little time to refresh our vision for home and becoming a homebody.

Meditating often on the verse that says without a vision the people perish brings me perspective. I want to have a vision for my family and learn the path that God has for each of them. Home is where we can cultivate those God-given gifts and talents that God has placed in each of them.

Home is a place to train the next generation.

Additionally, we have the daily opportunity to serve the Lord with gladness.

I hope this thought encouraged you to love, enjoy, and invest in your home and your family.

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