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3 Simple Ways Kindness Can Become Part of Your Life

Speaking of kindness… Do you pick out a word or theme for the year? Lately, I have been adapting my husband’s word for the year too. On New Year’s Sunday, my husband said in his message that the main thing he wanted to work on this year was being more kind. I already think he’s the kindest and most giving person I know, so I thought it was interesting that he chose kindness as the word he wanted to live by in 2023.

My word for the year is all about God’s Promises. But as God has been showing me (and what I shared in my Instagram stories the other day), before we can know God’s promises we must know our core values as a Christian. In the New Testament, after Jesus died and rose again there was a new commandment given. This commandment was to love God with all of our hearts and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

That’s it! The Christian life is so simple, love God and love people.

What’s one of the greatest ways we can show love? It’s simply by being kind.

This blog post is all about kindness.

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Christians should be the kindest people in the world.

jackie marie carr

Kindness is something I have really worked on throughout the years. It sounds simple, and I want to write a blog post about how it doesn’t cost anything to be kind. Although, the majority of the time your kindness is tested in ways we do not think about. I want to say I’m a kind person until someone tests my kindness😆

I have been hurt by people who have been very unkind to my family and friends, and it’s in those moments that kindness is tested. When you are talked about, lied about, or know someone has betrayed you, and the blame is shifted and tossed under the rug, it’s easy to want to behave and retaliate with the same toxic behavior.

In contrast my mom always taught that when you retaliate in the same way, you put yourself on the same level.

Kindness always wins in the end.

Jackie marie carr

It’s tough to wait on the Lord through hurt. Although, being kind in unkind situations is a way to apply the truth of God’s Word. He has never given us permission to be unkind simply because someone may have been unkind to us. Scripture teaches us, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Has there ever been a time that God has directed us to be unkind to people? His ways are not are ways. When God asks us to be kind in return to the ones, who sometimes have been brutal to us, it just doesn’t make sense. When we allow the Lord control, He can take much better care of our situations than we can.

Ways we can show kindness practically

Being in church ministry for almost 17 years (and really my whole life), I’ve walked up on many nursery conversations that were not kind (talking about someone else or a situation that wasn’t anyone else’s business). You may not be the most popular person because of your stand, but choosing to walk away from the conversation, excusing yourself to the bathroom, and if they still don’t get the hint kindly telling them you would rather not discuss this conversation is a great way to show others kindness.

Choosing not to gossip is the one of the first ways you can learn kindness.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Believe me, you may not know you have a reputation of being a gossip, but people will know you that way. Your words always, ALWAYS get out.

Another way to be kind is when you know someone has a need, ask yourself is there some way I can fill that need?

Can I give; can I send them a note letting them know I’m thinking about them? What is it that you can do to show someone that you see their need and you can relate to them?

Smile often.

Smiling is kind? Yes, smiling is for the other person. Smiling lets others know that you are approachable and that you see them.

Believe the best about people, and when you hear the worst give them the benefit of the doubt.

Even when you have given them the benefit of the doubt, continue believing in them because you have no idea what they have been through that would cause their “negative behavior.” I say that because many people turn their nose up at behavior that seems off to them when many times we can have other toxic traits (we just don’t think ours are as bad).

The truth is that Christ died for all of our toxic traits. We are all sinners. “There is none that doeth good, no not one.” In Christ’s eyes, even our righteousness is tainted. Our motives can be skewed even doing our very best. That’s why we need the Lord’s mercy and kindness. I’m so thankful it never runs out, and is everlasting.

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