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15 Super Cute Modern Modest Outfits You Can Wear from Winter to Spring

Ever wonder why finding cute modern modest outfits is SOOOOO hard?! That’s one of the reasons that inspired me to start this blog a few years ago. 

modern modest

I love sharing a lot of my favorite modern modest outfits from Amazon because there’s so much to choose from, and they always have a great stock available. Not to mention everything is pretty affordable😉

When it comes to cute, modern modest clothing, many times people struggle with where to find great modern modest outfits that do not look 100 years old😬 (no offense to anyone’s age- btw… my grandmother had the BEST style, and always looked her best everywhere she went and was a pastor’s wife).

Normally it takes Google 3 months to recognize a new blog post, so I thought I would share with you some really cute modest outfit ideas that you can wear from Winter through Spring. 

This post is all about modern modest outfits

modern modest clothing

Basic Sweatshirts- Amazon Modest Casual Outfit

Sweatshirt This sweatshirt comes in tons of colors! It’s so soft on the inside and kinda feels like a light bathrobe.😍


modern modesty boutique


Skirt This has been my favorite skirt for the last several years. It comes in multiple colors, and is the perfect modest staple piece for your closet. 

modern modest dress

I’m wearing my normal size 8, but it’s stretchy so you could size up. 

Boots This is my second year on these boots. They’ve held up well, are super comfortable, (I’m a baby with uncomfortable shoes😫) and are 50% OFF!

modern modest fashion

Feminine Cardigan

modern modest dresses

Cardigan This is the same skirt and boots in the above picture, but loved this cardigan. It’s super warm and comes in other colors also!



Absolutely loved this dress, and it would be perfect for Easter! Looking for an Easter dress, there’s other colors too.

Easter dress

Polished Casual Modern Modest Fashion

modern modest fashion

These were some of my best selling outfits for the last couple months. I always love a casual outfit that feels put together, and guess y’all do too☺️

Church Dresses

church dresses

This dress is so flattering, and the color is so pretty! 


modest church dresses

How cute is this dress?! Kinda gives me patriotic vibes. 


amazon dresses

Amazon Church Outfits

amazon church outfits

These would be great options for dressier looks for Valentine’s Day. Both are really pretty church outfits also. I wore the pink dress to church, and had so many compliments. 

Pink dress

modest valentines dress

Burgundy / Black Combo

modern modest outfit

A tip for washing your dresses, buy a lingerie bag from Walmart, and toss them in there so you don’t forget to hang them dry. I do this with all my nicer dresses or stretchy clothes that I don’t want shrinked.

They are super cheap, so buy several like I did so you can hang them up, and get longer wear from your clothes. 


modest clothing


Neutral Cozy Modest


Modest Casual Outfit for Running Errands

I fell in love with this little jogger jacket, and I have this skirt in the gray and in the reddish color.  

modest outfits inspo

Don’t forget to check out all the new jewelry in the shop. More designs are coming soon to Jackie Marie Jewelry. This sweatshirt is a new favorite!

modern modest fashion christian women

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Who is Jackie Marie Carr?

My name is Jacqueline, but everyone calls me Jackie. My husband and I worked as an assistant pastor and youth pastor for 15 years in Gulfport, Mississippi. Now, Dan has been the Senior pastor at Community Baptist Church for the past 4 years. I help him organize and orchestrate our special music, and administrate the ladies ministry.

We have 5 children- Quitman 16, David 14, Dianna 13, Londyn 12, and Scarlett 8

My heartbeat is encouraging women to find beauty even in the hard seasons. The Bible has changed my life more than anything outside of salvation, and I love sharing hope through Scripture but also equipping women as they seek to live an abundant life through Jesus and every day practical living.