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7 Cute Fall-inspired Christian Clothing, Gifts, and More

With holidays around the corner, I love finding Christian clothing brands that I can pick up unique gifts for friends and family.

Kerusso has some really cute Christian shirt ideas that can be an encouragement to your loved ones. They also have Christian shirts for women, men, and even the little ones. Not only do they have Christian clothing, but they have a wide selection from large tumblers, caps, journals, and more.

I am so excited to be back from Summer break, and sharing all the fun Fall outfits! The weather is still really hot here in South Mississippi, so I will be sharing some outfits that you can wear now, and going into cooler weather.

This blog post is all about the cutest finds from a Christian boutique that carry Christian clothing, gifts and so much more!

Kerusso is a company that provides Christian apparel and encouragement through their messaging. I had so much fun looking through their new Fall Collection. There are so many Christian shirt ideas that you will have a hard time choosing your favorites.

The first t-shirt I chose was this purple “Know Jesus Know Peace” graphic tee.

I don’t know about you, but peace is something that I want in my home. I love a peaceful atmosphere! At the bottom of this tee it says, “No Jesus… No Peace.” Not only is this Christian tee shirt cute, but it’s a great reminder to invite Jesus into every aspect of our lives. Without Him our lives can become so hectic quickly.

Layering short-sleeved tee shirts in the Fall is what we have to do a lot, here in the Deep South. This top is so cute and comfortable!

Not only do we need peace, but we need an attitude of gratitude.

Actually, have you found that thankfulness and peace work synonymously to create beauty? This is truly the secret of living with more joy even when the days are not as pleasant as we would like. This ball cap is perfect for when you want to create a cute, casual look. I want to be the one who can say, “This girl’s got an attitude of gratitude.”

Like I said previously, Kerusso not only carries Christian clothing, but also this really great tumbler is one I will be carrying around with me everywhere! It’s 40 ounces, so it’s definitely going to help you attain your water drinking goals for the day. The tumbler I chose for myself says, “Grow in God’s Grace.” I really love the aqua color, and that it matches my ball cap (perfect for all those Fall football games!).

The second shirt I picked will be great for when the weather starts to cool down. It’s a long-sleeved, olive green graphic tee that says, “Mama needs coffee, sweets, and a lot of Jesus.” No truer statement, right?! I have been seeing so much olive green this season. It’s not normally a color I gravitate towards, but all the muted versions of it give off such a peaceful, homey vibe.

Kerusso has a nice selection of Men’s Christian Clothing as well so I decided to gift my oldest son some of Kerusso’s fun Fall Collection. He loves the men’s Christian tee shirt, tumbler, and hat that all go together so well.

Quitman’s tee shirt is inspired from Psalm 32:8 and says, “Life is an adventure, let Jesus be your guide.” His hat and tumbler have a cross, which we should think about daily.

Jesus has done so much for us. Let’s choose Him every day in our conversation so that we can continually bring Him glory and point others to Him.

If you loved these cute Christian clothing options, check out their site here!

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