Jackie Marie Carr

Fast Every Day Hairstyle

Hey, y’all! I had many of you respond wanting to know my fast, every day hairstyle. I wear my hair many different ways, but this is probably one of the easiest. So, I have very thick, naturally curly hair. My hair is definitely on the dry side, so I only wash my hair twice a week. Because my hair is naturally curly and thick it takes a long time to blow dry it, and I still normally run a straightener through it. After I do the initial wash/condition, blow dry (or let air dry at night), and straighten the frizz; for the next couple days my hair only needs to be touched up. If you have more oily hair then I would definitely recommend a good dry shampoo. I also like to use dry shampoo because it gives my roots a little volume on day 2 or 3.

So, I know hair rollers are sorta’ old school, but I love them because I do not like adding a ton of heat to my hair every day. So, I just spray dry shampoo to my roots, and brush through my hair. I grab a 2 to 3 inch wide portion of hair from the middle section of my hair starting at the crown. I brush through the piece of hair then starting at the bottom of the hair, I wrap the hair around the top of the roller. Clip the hair at the crown. I have a lot of hair, but this process normally only takes me about 7 minutes.


I normally have about four jumbo size rollers going down the middle section of my hair, two on each of my sides, and then whatever is left in the back. I spray it lightly with a spritz hair spray (normally inexpensive Rave), and let them sit for about ten to fifteen minutes while I am putting on my makeup.


I take each one down falling down the way I rolled them, which was straight up; I let them fall straight down. The goal is a natural, body wave, which results in loose curls. I always follow through with oil

for the tips of my hair,

and then I spray with a flexible hair spray to give it moveability.

Although the BaByliss rollers are an initial investment mine have lasted me close to 15 years. Shocking, right?! I will list one that is similar that is a tad cheaper.

I hope some of these ideas help to make your life a little smoother, especially on busy mornings:)! By the way, when you purchase from any of these links, I receive a small commission to help support the blog. Happy shopping:)!



Jackie Carr