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How to Have a Healthy Teeth Whitening Regimen

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Hey, y’all.  So, I have been asked many times how do I keep my teeth white.  Honestly, I feel that I have been very blessed to have “good teeth” genes from my parents.  Both of my parents have absolutely beautiful teeth. Here are a few things that I practice in order to have a healthy teeth whitening regimen.

Whenever I was in college and dating I used Crest Whitening strips 1-2 times a year.  Honestly, I have to say I have not used whitening strips in close to ten years.  Whenever I was in high school I did the whole brush with baking soda and peroxide trick.

After I was married I changed dentist offices.  My hygienist was an older man, and he warned me not to always use whitening products because they wear down your enamel on your teeth.  He also challenged me to use a soft tooth brush.  I always liked the harder ones because you really have that scrubbing action!:)  He told me whenever you use a hard tooth brush, think of it as you are scraping your teeth with a Brillo pad.  He said that they hurt your teeth and gums in the long run.  He also told me to brush more softly.

When I was expecting my first baby I started to implement more raw foods into my diet.  I noticed a definite change in my health, mood, and energy.  I  also read that whenever you eat raw broccoli, carrots, and apples they have a natural scrubbing and whitening power.

I wish I could say that I do not drink coffee, but I do drink one cup a day at least.  I know that it stains your teeth, so if you avoid coffee, teas, and cokes I  am sure that you would see even greater results.  The same hygienist told me that acid and bacteria build up in your mouth, especially when you first wake up in the morning and after you eat or drink coffee.  He told me you should drink water every 20/30 minutes and swish it around your mouth for about 20 seconds to help keep the PH leveled in your mouth.  I do drink a lot of water, so I try to remember to practice this.

So, here is the greatest secret I believe.  I use this toothpaste:

After using one or two tubes in a row, I try to use a toothpaste that does not have whitening in order to give my teeth a break.  If you are starting from scratch, and you need to whiten first I recommend these whitening strips:

I honestly, really love the classic old school whitening strips.  These are the ones I have always used.  They are cheaper, and they do not make my teeth nearly as sensitive as the newer formulas.  I also felt that the 10 day,  30 minutes a day made a greater impact than the stronger ones anyways.  That’s just my opinion.  I would always wear these in the morning while I was getting ready for the day.  Then I always brushed afterwards while some of the whitening product was still on my teeth.  Just do NOT swallow!:)

I hope some of these ideas help. “Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them.” Song of Solomon 4:2



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