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maxi denim skirt

The Number 1 Best Maxi Denim Skirt for Your Fall and Winter Outfits

Looking for the perfect maxi denim skirt to complete your winter outfits? You will discover the best long jean skirt outfits that everyone is raving about.

maxi denim skirt

    When I am looking for a quality maxi denim skirt, first I want to know if it’s stretchy or if it is more of a classic denim skirt material. The reason being is that a denim skirt without stretch really can give you that more polished classic look.

One of the qualities for finding a great maxi denim skirt is that you want one that can stand the test of time.

When shopping from a boutique, you can actually extend the value of your clothes because so many of their clothing items are handmade and not mass-produced.

This post is all about the best maxi denim skirt.

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Long denim skirts have made such a comeback! Especially if you are into modest fashion, a long jean skirt can make a great winter outfit.

When I’m working on styling an outfit, I want to look at the cut and style of the skirt. There’s some long denim skirts that have a slit and are more of a straight fit. On the other hand, the style I will be emphasizing in this post is more of an a-line style skirt.

When styling an a-line skirt, and especially if it’s longer, it’s a good idea to wear more of a fitted top so that the entire look is more styled and not frumpy looking. Modest fashion does not mean you have to look like you are wearing a potato sack.

In fact, modesty is an elegant way of dressing yourself out of respect.

Modesty is an elegant way of dressing yourself out of respect.

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This Shenoa Maxi Denim Skirt is a high-rise skirt that gives you more of that modern, trendy mom-jean look. Plus, it even has a slight Western vibe with its’ inverted yoke seam on the front of the skirt. I love that this long denim skirt has a raw-edge hem. This denim skirt has no stretch, so if you are more curvy, I’d size up if needed.

A-line Long Denim Skirt

This long denim skirt is another one of my favorites. The light wash distressing is a great detail to this skirt, and also has the fringed detail on the hem.

This skirt has a tad bit of stretch, so you know it may give you a little more comfort.

Winter Outfits

Previously I mentioned that it was a good idea to find a more fitted top to style with an a-line skirt. I found this sweater and thought it would be the perfect match for my maxi denim skirt. This balloon sleeve sweater top is so cute because it’s not too bulky, and will lay so nicely up against your high-wasted jean skirt.

This winters outfits combo is going to be on repeat all season.

Long Jean Skirt Outfits

One of the things I love about this modest fashion brand is that they design their own skirts and many of their other clothes in their boutique. They even have little girl’s skirt options!

Like this girl’s denim midi skirt…

Complete your winter outfits with this cute pair of wedges. They are a great neutral staple piece that can last you a long time.


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Check out this reel to see how I styled the best maxi denim skirt. Instagram reels is a fun way to see each outfit come to life. I also love connecting with my community over on Instagram where we can chat all your favorites!

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