Jackie Marie Carr

Why beauty?

“Deck thyself now with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty.” –Job 40:10

I have been really enjoying the book of Job in my daily devotions.

Job was going through the hardest time of his life; yet it’s so fascinating how God responds to him in his trials- God tells Job to basically pick himself up and go be the magnificent, beautiful person He made.

So, I love word searches. I’m just going to define a few of the words from this verse. 

·      Deck- to clothe with more than ordinary elegance; to array; to adorn; to embellish.

·      Majesty- Greatness of appearance; dignity (of aspect or manner); the quality or state of a person or thing which inspires awe or reverence in the beholder;

·      Excellency- A valuable quality; purity of heart; strength and beauty;

·      Array- To place in order. To deck or dress.

·      Glory- Brightness; splendor; magnificence; distinguished honor.

·      Beauty- What pleases the eye. A particular grace, feature or ornament; any particular thing which is beautiful and pleasing; joy and gladness. Comeliness.

To me it’s amazing that God tells Job to do something so practical when he is depressed.

This is why I want to share a few reasons it’s important to take care of your beauty. 

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Treat yourself like you are the prized possession that God created.

This doesn’t mean we look our nose down at anyone else. Sister, you are called to dignity. You are a daughter of the King. Let’s represent Him well!

Do not compare your beauty to anyone else. Be the best you that you can be.

When you look your best, you feel better about yourself. Most of the time you treat others better. 

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When you realize your why, it helps keep insecurities at bay.

When I was a teenager I loved fashion and beauty, but I didn’t know my “why” other than I just liked being a girl. If you don’t have the proper “why” for beauty then it may give you a spirit of competition with other girls/ladies. Every time a lady gets a new outfit or her hair done (ETC), you may feel jealous of her instead of excited for her. You also may feel like you never measure up.

You can scroll social media and magazines and wish you were all these other people instead of yourself. “YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made.” We must learn to be thankful for what we have before we ever receive more, even talking about beauty. 

When you beautify your outward appearance (and hopefully inward appearance), you are being grateful for what God has already given you.

When you feel beautiful you feel better about yourself. A wise lady once said,

“Yes, the acrostic for JOY is Jesus, others, yourself; but, if you don’t take care of yourself it’s much more difficult to spend time with Jesus or help others.” 

Asking the Lord for wisdom and balance is such a great way to have a healthy mindset of, “Why beauty?”

Our outward beauty should always be a reflection of what’s in our heart. In everything we do we should bring honor and glory to the Lord while pointing others to Him. 

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I hope this thought helps. If this truth has been an encouragement to you, please leave a comment or help me by sharing to Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Love, Jackie