Jackie Marie Carr

Why I Chose Plexus

I’m sure many of you know by now that I am in love with the plant-based, natural supplement company I work with, and some may know why I chose Plexus, but I realized that I have never shared my story here!

So, I thought I would share in detail my experience, why I chose Plexus, and what it’s done for me the last 2 1/2 years I have been a part of the company.

When I was 19 years old, engaged at the time, and finishing my senior year in college, I began feeling extremely tired. I was working out every day, cutting out the sweets, and couldn’t lose weight. Mono began spreading around the school, and when my sister’s roommate tested positive I felt sure that’s what I had!

When I went to the doctor he began running blood work. When the results came back, he told me I was hypothyroid and put me on a medicine. I began feeling better a couple weeks later. Although, fast forward a few years later when I began having babies, fatigue set in again.

During my first pregnancy I began eating cleaner, exercised regularly, only drank water with the exception of my coffee, and still would find myself constantly saying that I just didn’t feel good.

When my kids went to bed, I would literally crash and would fall asleep tucking them in. I really thought all these things were normal and just “mom life.”

One time the brain fog was so bad that when I went to the coffee pot one afternoon, I could not for the life of me remember how to make a cup of coffee. It was really scary!

As time progressed my two children began having stomach issues, and both were seeing a gastroenterologist.

Nothing really helped them either even with all the medicines we tried.

I had been depressed which turned into pretty severe anxiety.

So bad, my chest would become so tight there were times I could hardly catch a breath. My heart would race and feel irregular.

I may not ever be at liberty to share the cause behind my depression, but there are so many Christians I know that face both anxiety and depression. Whether through extremely terrible news you weren’t expecting, your family poorly mistreated, financial stress, abuse, and so many other things can cause depression and anxiety. Sometimes the cause could be an unsolved health struggle or even a chemical imbalance.

I remember telling my husband one night that if I didn’t get help with my anxiety, I thought I was going to die and felt that way as well.


One day, I saw a new friend on Instagram sharing her pink drink and what she called #momfuel.

I was intrigued! So, I messaged her to ask about it. She followed up with me for a whole year, I believe. I began hearing how these products helped with gut health, but was turned off because I didn’t think I needed to invest in products for gut health, to be quite honest.

Although, the idea of the products helping my children also really interested me.

My friend, Deb VonBergen began to explain to me that so much of our autoimmune struggles and “feel good” hormones start and live in the gut. I never thought in a million years that addressing gut health would help my thyroid issues and the host of other things that were plaguing me.

When I started the supplements she formulated for me, I immediately felt a difference in my energy levels, and noticed the Candida die-off right away. I wish I could say the beginning was a cake walk, but my body was in a mess, and healing is not a quick fix. Even though I felt better, I was honestly discouraged a bit after month 3 and still struggling with the depression and anxiety. I trouble shot with my coach, and she helped me add in Vitalbiome to my regimen (a probiotic specifically for helping you deal with stress and mood). It was the answer I needed! I haven’t really struggled with depression since.

To say that these supplements have been life-changing is an understatement!

I signed up by faith, knowing I couldn’t really afford it. Although, when my coach explained to me the generous referral program with Plexus, I started talking about it more. I haven’t paid for my products in a really long time and I’m truly thankful!

Not only that, yesterday I hit a milestone- Senior Gold!

So, not only have the products changed my health, but this has also been the stay at home mom job I have always dreamed about!

So, I have given you reasons why I chose Plexus. Now I would love for you to consider how these all natural, plant based supplements could help you and your family.

There’s adult and kid’s vitamins, probiotics, clean sugar-free energy/vitamin drinks, products to regulate blood sugar, yummy meal replacement shakes, gut health drink for kids, omega (substitute fish oil) plant-based supplement, anti-inflammatory/antifungal supplements that have helped my clients with fibromyalgia and so many more.

I am also so happy with the ingredients in these supplements!

I would love for you to contact me if you have questions or feel that this is a fit for you! – jackie@jackiemariecarr.com

By sharing my story of why I chose Plexus, I pray you can feel encouraged in your situation too. I prayed that God would send me the answers I was looking for and He did!

Thank you for taking the time to read.


Jackie Marie Carr

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