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7 Mind-Blowing Ways You Can Lose Weight This Year

First of all, I want to give a disclaimer that this post is written about how to lose weight from my own personal experience and research. I am not a doctor, and you should consult with your own doctor before trying anything new.

Have you ever felt like learning how to lose weight was the most dreaded, daunting, and infuriating task?

When thinking about how to lose weight, there’s so much mixed advice on all the things you should do and should not do. For me, when I started learning how to lose weight, it seemed so hard. I would think, “I’m just going to exercise and not really worry about anything else.”

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I was an engaged senior in college when I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease.

Losing weight with a thyroid disorder is extremely difficult because it effects your metabolism, your mood, your energy, and your hormones.

I have also noticed that the older I get, losing weight is even harder (but not impossible). I have felt frustrated, because I have always been an athlete. I love working out, and getting my blood pumping! Losing weight was still hard, but in years past I knew if I worked out the extra time, I could eat what I wanted.

August 17, when my children and I were in an almost fatal car accident, the doctor told me I couldn’t work out for three months- no running and no lifting. I was devastated, because I knew it would effect my work, energy, and literally everything.

One day, I was reading Jordan Lee Dooley’s newest book, when God used her words to encourage my heart. She was talking about when you have a set back, what can you nurture in your season? I knew the answer. Stewarding my health is something I am passionate about, but it’s an area I feel like I can always learn and do better in.

I know that fitness is a strength and a joy, but there are so many other aspects of practicing good health habits. Learning how to lose weight can be a key ingredient to better health if this is something you struggle with too.

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This post is all about how to lose weight*

How to Lose Weight*

Over the summer I lost 7 pounds using the 30 Day Transformational System, and wrote a whole page about it HERE.

It was hard, but I loved it! The first month is difficult because the challenge is cutting inflammation foods, processed, sugary treats, and decreasing your carbs to get in lots of protein. I felt the leanest that I had felt in so long. You get so many products that help support your month and allow for better results.

I decided to do this because the two years prior to this, I worked mainly on nutrition only. I eliminated counting calories, and simply ate whole foods and exercise as a means to heal certain issues I had been dealing with. It worked! I no longer struggled with the list of ailments, but I picked up an extra 15 pounds.

Over the last 3 months since the accident, I began asking the Lord how I could steward this season.

It’s not a season I asked for or wanted to be in, although the Lord has been faithful to show Himself to my family and me. Without being in my normal health routines, in two weeks I had quickly gained back the seven pounds I had lost over the summer. I hate to admit that on the internet, but I pray that through my vulnerability you can have hope in your situation too.:)

7 Mind-Blowing Ways You Can Lose Weight This Year

The first thing I did was order a 3 Day Reset.

It’s a supported fast, that helps to jump start your metabolism for optimum health and weight results.* You can email or message me on Instagram to learn how to get the best discount!

I lost 8 pounds doing this, but that was not my number 1 focus. Many times when you do a fast, you lose a lot of water weight, so don’t be discouraged when you start eating “normal” food again if you gain it back. The whole point of this fast is to help reset your metabolism, palette, and mindset on food. Many times, people feel that they just can’t do it. While this fast is semi-difficult, in another sense it’s simple because the schedule is laid out for you. Plus, you are given a bunch of things you can have to support your energy for the day such as: Hydrate, Lean Protein Shake, Slim Hunger Control, a bone broth collagen soup, Active (clean energy drink), matcha snack bar, collagen tomato soup, and then Restore.

To help with losing weight and energy, I had my macros calculated for me.

I had been hearing about the success many people were having with this type of lifestyle, and I had been wanting to try it. A friend from church who has been certified to do this, listened to my goals, and help me formulate my numbers. In the past I’ve been accustomed to counting calories, but this way of life goes a step further than that. With knowing how much protein, carbs, fat, and calories I should have in a day, it’s a better way to stay within a more balanced diet. I was actually quite shocked with tracking my numbers the first few days to know where my calories were actually going. I always thought I struggled with having too many carbs, but that wasn’t the case. I actually struggle with being over my fat content for the day. Working on finding more lean sources of protein has been key.

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The thing I love about counting macros the most, is that I do not feel deprived.

I can pretty much have whatever I want in reason as long as I balance my numbers. I have been consistently losing a pound a week (even with sometimes being over my fat content for the day:)). If you are striving first to hit your protein goal and stay under your fat, for the most part every day I’ve been under my calorie limit. Plus, I can still have carbs!!!

What’s also cool and why it’s healthy to follow this plan is that you will realize you have to eat lean meat to stay within your fat for the day. For example, running by Mcdonald”s for a burger will probably keep me from being able to hit all my other numbers.

With using my Lean shakes, it’s an easy way to get in a good amount of protein with low fat and calories.

Each one of my shakes has 21 grams of protein.

For instance, one day I knew I was going to dinner to Crackerbarrel, so I kept my numbers low throughout the day using my Lean Shakes and to save my numbers for dinner. Accustomed to eating a salad from Crackerbarrel, I actually was able to order the pecan pancakes with scrambled eggs, and turkey sausage (which now it’s chicken sausage for their lighter version). I sprinkled a tad bit of syrup and honey over my pancakes without butter, and I was able to stay within my numbers. It was also interesting to note that the French Toast was over double the fat gram content then the pancakes. I would have never known until I looked up the nutritional content beforehand.

My friend, Jessica, advised me to enter my numbers into My Fitness Pal app before I even ate.

This helps to keep you within your numbers, but also helps to keep you from cheating. If you are interested in having your numbers calculated, I highly suggest contacting her. Message me on Instagram for her contact information.

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Speaking of My Fitness Pal… This app is another fabulous tool for helping you lose weight.

I have been using My Fitness Pal for years, and love it! I use their Under Armour Map My Run which automatically syncs my runs to My Fitness Pal. Previously, I used Nike’s running app to calculate my runs, but switched over since it works so seamlessly with the My Fitness Pal app. It calculates my calories and all other numbers.

Recently, My Fitness Pal changed their free feature of being able to scan a grocery code.

You can enter it manually in their free version or you can pay $20 per month for premium to be able to have this feature. I opted for premium for a bit, because I know it will save me so much time in the long run. I am able to scan the grocery code to my almond milk or coffee creamer and your calories, protein, fat, carbs, etc… are already counted for you within your servings.

So, I highly suggest using My Fitness Pal, because it keeps track of your exercise, macros, water intake, and calories. (This post is not sponsored. I just love it, and know you will too.)

Next, I still use the 30 Day Transformational System for supplementing and support.

I absolutely love this supplement package. There are a few other supplements I buy each month. Although, for weight loss this supplement combo is by far my favorite. You get the “triplex” which targets gut health. For people who say they can’t lose weight, many times it begins in the gut. If your gut is out of whack and microbiome is off, it can disturb your immune system, your hormones, mental health, energy, and a million other things.*

So, in this package, triplex comes with Slim (primes your gut, balances blood sugar, helps sugar cravings, mood, and energy).

I prefer Microbiome Slim. Then with Slim comes Bio Cleanse and Probio5. Bio Cleanse is a gentle, natural clean scrubbing of your gut which is so important! This supplement has Vitamin C and also a lemon peel extract, and also helps keep your immune system strong. I tried multitudes of probiotics, which seemed to do absolutely nothing, until I found Probio5. It has a strand of probiotics that helps kill the Candida (overgrown yeast) in your body which can lead to so many diseases and even cancer.* All 3 of these supplements are known as the triplex.

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Then this system comes with Active, a clean energy drink.

The caffeine source is from green tea leaf extract and yerba maté leaf extract. This makes YOU feel so GOOD! I prefer Starfruit Guava Active over any other energy drink. I love that it’s all natural! It’s also a longer-lasting energy with its’ vitamins and lack of sugar and other unwanted ingredients.

I love that this combo also comes with Metaburn which helps with metabolism, burning fat, energy, and mood.

You also get two bags of Lean Protein shakes, which is enough for two shake supplements a day. This will last you the entire month. You can use them as a protein snack or a meal substitute.

Exercise is still a major tool to help you lose weight.

In month two, the doctor told me I could walk as long as I was not in pain. Walking makes feel good, and I enjoyed the scenery, but it didn’t give me the energy that HIIT exercises do. So, I was “patiently” waiting for the doctor to give me clearance for something else. At the end of month two, I began looking for other exercises. On Youtube I found exercises that I had used a long time ago and forgotten about. They work so well!!! You are guaranteed a noticeable difference in as little as 7 days.

I started doing this work out a couple days a week, and it’s so much fun!

The Firm Cardio Party- you don’t need equipment.
The Firm Cardio Overdrive- This one is a tad harder. I just started doing this one with 5 pound dumbbells.

I love these workouts, because I feel like you lose weight while you tone up your muscles.

I believe I pretty much talked about this, but TRACK everything you put in your mouth.

Drink lots and lots of water. At least half your body weight in ounces.

Also, do your best to not forget nutrition!

I know this may be difficult if healthy habits and losing weight doesn’t come easy for you. Although, I promise you will feel so much better in the long run if you incorporate healthy foods. Examples could include: raw veggies and other vitamin-rich foods (which you don’t have to track).

Since counting macros is new to me, I ordered a Greens supplement from Plexus that I have been using daily.

There’s only 15 calories in a serving. Which is nice, because I like ranch dressing on veggies, and lots of fruit added to my spinach smoothies.😆

I hope that this post encourages you, and can give you some ideas that you can incorporate into your routine.

If you have any questions, please message me on Instagram. I’d love to help you!

Love, Jackie

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The results and information I have shared in this blog post are based on my own personal experiences and opinions. This is not a claim that anyone else will see the same results because each person is unique and different.